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The ChatGPT workshop has been heavily revised and updated!

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  • Impulse lecture to introduce and raise awareness of the topic, current status and short-term outlook.
  • Orientation & introduction course for management
  • Orientation & introduction course for employees
  • Workshop Introduction strategies for AI in companies
  • Potential analysis – Workshop
  • ChatGPT Introduction
  • ChatGPT Workshop
  • Midjourney Introduction
  • Midjourney Workshop
  • Special Topics
  • Automation
  • and much more


All topics are adaptable to the needs of the companies, the courses in German and English, on-site or remote.

If you have special requests, please contact us.


Expert Team

Our AI trainers have many years of experience in the field (not just since November 2022), relevant education, and broad industry and process knowledge.

And most importantly, they have transformation experience. This means they know what is important in change & transformation projects and are experienced in dealing with people who may be very skeptical about a new technology.

Artificial Intelligence for Learning: How to use AI to Support Employee Development

Artificial intelligence is creating huge opportunities for workplace learning and employee development. However, it can be difficult for L&D professionals to assess what difference AI can make in their organization and where it is best implemented.

36,99 €

AI Training